How to trade (buy & sell) ethereum on TRUEXGOLD.


scammers has dominated the internet that we tend to hide in our shells rather than trade our forex without doubt.

But TRUEXGOLD, is here to quench our fears, let’s trade without fear of being scammed.

TRUEXGOLD is not just legit but it’s a comfortable site/company where you can trade your forex (ETHEREUM) and be happy and satisfied with the service rendered.

Just in a jiffy, Eight (8) simple steps to trade ETHEREUM on TRUEXGOLD.

  • When the site opens, click on the <menu>bar located at the upper left end of the site and click on <sign up> … Then register or create an account by filling in your valid email address and a password for TRUEXGOLD account, confirm the password in the next bar, and provide the answer to the below simple arithmetic to confirm you are not a robot. Then click <sign up> and your account is generated and logged in.


Still on the drop down box on the menu bar, click <exchange rate> to know the current exchange rate for your transaction.

  • Return to the initial home page and click the <Ethereum> icon on the left hand side and then click the <Naira> sign at the right hand side.
  • It then launches you to “Exchange Ethereum ETH to Naira NGN” then you fill in the required box accordingly depending on the transaction you want to carry out … (SEND) Selling or (RECEIVE) buying. Don’t forget to fill in your email and phone number and the answer to the simple arithmetic that clearify you are not a robot. The click <exchange> bar.
  • Read the terms of the agreement on exchange service provided when accepting, and tick the appropriate field and press the <create bid> button.
  • Pay for the bid, by transferring the neeccessary amount, following the instructions on the website.
  • Then the status of the transfer is shown to you for confirmation.
  • An email is finally sent to your email for a successful transaction.

Thanks and God bless

Trade with TRUEXGOLD today and be happy.Http://


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